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07 November 2020 @ 12:00 am
Furukawa Yuuta
Nakagauchi Masataka
* Pastel Graffiti
* Color Variation
* Your Story / Ano Sora E
* Cheers!!
* Kato Kazuki - Dead or Alive
* Love Diving - Shout it Loud / Kono mama ni
* TETRA-FANG - Destinys
* Matsushita Yuya - Kanata E
*Hamao Kyosuke - 7COLORS & SHINE
* Tenimyu - Dream Live 1st: Shinken Shoubu to wa sou iu koto
* Tenimyu - Shitenhouji: Isshou Ippai
* Dream Live 5th
* Tenimyu Summer Photobook 2008
* KIMERU & Higas
* Tomo & Shiowasa Hidemasa
* Platinum Pair & Mizuki likes brooms
* Bronze Pair & Kaidoh
* Ryoma & Marui & Akaya & Jirou
* Shishido & Marui & Genki & Sanada & KenKen
* Kai & Bunta & Mao-chan
* Baba Ryoma, Kanesaki Kentaro and Harukawa Kyousuke
* Suzuki Hiroki
* Super Junior: Leeteuk
* Super Junior: Ryeowook
* FT Island: Lee Hong Ki
* U-Kiss: Kiseop
Fan Video
To be updated
Music Covers
* [Piano] Fukutsu no Homage e
* [Piano] Tezuka Vs Atobe Instrumental
* [Piano] Higurashi no naku koro ni
* [Piano] Super Junior H - Sunny
* [Piano] ZE:A - Haru Jongil
* [Piano] 2010 First Half Year K-Pop Medkey
* [Piano] U-Kiss - Mworago
* [Piano] U-Kiss - Talk To Me
* [Piano] U-Kiss - 0330 + Words That Hurt Me
* [Piano] U-Kiss - Shut Up
* [Piano] U-Kiss - Intro Medley
* [Piano] U-Kiss - 0330 (Full Ver.)
* [Piano] U-Kiss - It's Time
* [Singing] U-Kiss - I don't understand
* [Piano] Early 2011 K-Pop Medley
* [Piano] Girl's Day - Twinkle Twinkle
* [Singing] 4minute - Mirror Mirror
* [Piano] Suzumiya Haruhi - God Knows


Since I preorder the album like how many days before the actual release but it was shipped last week Friday.  And yes it came in one week.

Just for blabbering and what-so-ever so I am very happy and excited that my album came... I am picture spammng!

First thing I did once I open my package...  see how shiny the album is..  XD

And this what it looks like without the sun...  sorry for the bad camera.

And I recieve these pre-order gifts which I dont really care about...  Unhappy I didnt have any Bran New Kiss One...  At least I got Manmanhani  & mworago stuff ~ My Kiseop.

Im done pic spamming :)
Time to rip the CD.

31 August 2011 @ 07:09 pm

So Nina finally sent me the Break Time album that I should have recieve since last year. LOL. I know it's long but she has her reason. But then it was so long I didn't think it would come and so I was thinking of buying one. My mom held a package and I was thinking it was the makeup product I bought for my lil sis which meant to be a secret but she was demanding what the hell this package for me so yeah... I confessed it before she handed to me and release it wasnt makeup product. After noticing the address I screen. The Break Time CD is finally here. I see why ppl say the photobook is awesome 'cause it is awesome. What a way to build up my excitement. U-Kiss MV & new album is gonna drop from tomorrow. :D September 1st. I already pre-order mine so 2 weeks later, another U-Kiss CD <3

I mostly excited for is the MV. 8 more hours to go.


As somewhat of KenKen fan or have a big interest in him...
I found this particularly hilarioius
I didn't took an actual picture because my phone camera is so fail. Luckily I remember the name.

Of all the place it was display... had to be at a shop entrance in front of an escalator and I was gawking at it trying to make out who is this familiar face.


The Hitachi twins incest love. I don't know. Im certainly creeped out. I got goosebumps.

I keep forgetting Manpei is the older one and Shinpei is the younger one.

I need to remember who's Kaoru and who's Hikaru because all I see it Manpei & Shinpei.
And it's weird, it's Shinpei who's attacking Manpei....

17 July 2011 @ 07:26 pm
Today is the last day of my freedom. Tomorrow... I enter hell.
16 July 2011 @ 05:09 pm
On July 16th, NH Media revealed that U-KISS had sold out a total of 6,000 seats for their first two-day fan meet!

They’ll be holding two fan meets in Tokyo on July 18th, before moving onto Nagoya for the 24th and Osaka for the 30th. Representatives revealed, “Tickets all the way up to Osaka have already been sold out.”

It’s been about two months since U-KISS began their promotions in Japan, and they’re said to be fluent enough to appear on TV shows with ease. They’ll be concluding their Japanese promotions next month to prepare for their Korean comeback in September.

Representatives explained, “Composers from Korea, the States, and Japan will be participating in U-KISS’s second album. The composers are all in Japan right now to help the members with the recordings.”



I hope they U-Kiss will get good songs. The last 2 mini-album was fabulous.
And oh, composers from Japan?  I'll bet they just composers under Avex label. I don't know any history of music release by avex other than Kato Kazuki & Shirota Yuu stuff but I hope it's decent music.

I happened to go back to listening to japanese music after listening to Korean music for 1 and 1/2 year straight. And wow! My ear felt cleanse out from those heavy electronic dance beat.

11 July 2011 @ 07:25 pm
Although popular boy group U-KISS is busy with their Japanese promotions, they recently announced that they would be back in Korea by September with a brand-new full album!

The boys will be working with the best sound engineers in both Korea and Japan, and they’ll also be working under an American producer as well, using top-notch facilities in Osaka, Japan.

It’s been revealed that U-KISS will be working with labelmates Paran to produce a joint track to be included in the album.

U-KISS fans, the countdown starts now!

Source: TVDaily via Nate



Hahaha. Please hope U-Kiss gets a number 1?  Every korean idol groups had been number 1 but U-Kiss. :(