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31 August 2011 @ 07:09 pm
U-Kiss Neverland  

So Nina finally sent me the Break Time album that I should have recieve since last year. LOL. I know it's long but she has her reason. But then it was so long I didn't think it would come and so I was thinking of buying one. My mom held a package and I was thinking it was the makeup product I bought for my lil sis which meant to be a secret but she was demanding what the hell this package for me so yeah... I confessed it before she handed to me and release it wasnt makeup product. After noticing the address I screen. The Break Time CD is finally here. I see why ppl say the photobook is awesome 'cause it is awesome. What a way to build up my excitement. U-Kiss MV & new album is gonna drop from tomorrow. :D September 1st. I already pre-order mine so 2 weeks later, another U-Kiss CD <3

I mostly excited for is the MV. 8 more hours to go.