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16 July 2011 @ 05:09 pm
Im so proud of the boys  
On July 16th, NH Media revealed that U-KISS had sold out a total of 6,000 seats for their first two-day fan meet!

They’ll be holding two fan meets in Tokyo on July 18th, before moving onto Nagoya for the 24th and Osaka for the 30th. Representatives revealed, “Tickets all the way up to Osaka have already been sold out.”

It’s been about two months since U-KISS began their promotions in Japan, and they’re said to be fluent enough to appear on TV shows with ease. They’ll be concluding their Japanese promotions next month to prepare for their Korean comeback in September.

Representatives explained, “Composers from Korea, the States, and Japan will be participating in U-KISS’s second album. The composers are all in Japan right now to help the members with the recordings.”



I hope they U-Kiss will get good songs. The last 2 mini-album was fabulous.
And oh, composers from Japan?  I'll bet they just composers under Avex label. I don't know any history of music release by avex other than Kato Kazuki & Shirota Yuu stuff but I hope it's decent music.

I happened to go back to listening to japanese music after listening to Korean music for 1 and 1/2 year straight. And wow! My ear felt cleanse out from those heavy electronic dance beat.